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Boulevard Saint-Joseph - Photo Denis Tremblay

Some facts and figures

Living environment


Recognized for the quality of life and the many cultural and leisure activities it offers, the Borough of Lachine is where many young families hope to live. New constructions, recycled buildings or social housing, everyone can make their dream come true without breaking the bank. Lachine is a showcase of heritage architectural gems and is an outstanding living environment located close to downtown Montréal. Its shoreline and lakefront parks are perfect for families pursuing outdoor activities and for fans of nautical sports. Come to Lachine for stunning panoramic views and an incomparable setting for leisure activities.

Neighbourhoods in this borough

  • Saint-Pierre
  • Old Lachine
  • Lachine-West

Things to do

Major employers

A few words about the area

The Lachine Rapids are without a doubt the most impressive among Montréal’s natural attractions and the least known.” (Jean-Benoît Nadeau, in Le gout de Montréal, p.43)

We’ve had a policy on families for 20 years. For example, we subsidize the cost of registering with community organizations for sports or cultural activities. This means that a child in Lachine can play hockey for $85 a year while the cost is between $300 and $350 elsewhere.” (CIBL, 101.5 Montréal)

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