Famille devant un condominium à Rosemont.

Living and Growing Up in Montreal

Living in Montréal is being part of something big, discovering all it has to offer and all of its benefits. Each neighbourhood has its own unique attractions and each environment has its advantages. And each of us has his or her own reasons to want to become a homeowner.

Jeune couple regardant un duplex

Saturday October 15, take part in the 10 free bus tours commented by experts in urban planning and real estate.

Famille programme

There are several financial assistance programs available to future or current homeowners.

  • Home Ownership Program
  • Renovations Program
  • Stabilizing Building Foundations Program

New Residential Projects

In Montreal, real estate development is part of the city’s spirit. There are hundreds of new development projects of all sizes, for all lifestyles, and for all tastes.

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