7 reasons to choose Montréal

The city or the suburbs? It’s not a competition, everybody finds what they want somewhere. But if you compare the two, you’ll discover that there are real advantages to living in Montréal. Here are some of them.
Coin de rue avec une maison en bois, blanche et bleue

Less time in your car

This one may be self-evident—in the city you’ll probably go fewer kilometres by car. You can take less time to drive your kids to their various activities. And you’re in your vehicle less. 

More time to enjoy life 

Less time in the car means you have more time to keep in shape or relax. More time to play with your children, go for a family walk, stroll hand-in-hand with your partner, enjoy your neighbourhood. Improved health and quality of life!

Lower transportation expenses

It costs money to maintain a car, much more than you may think. But when you live far from everything, transit and active transportation are not always accessible. So, many households realize they have to buy a second vehicle. According to a study by HEC Montréal, the direct costs of the average vehicle driven 20,000 kilometres per year are $10,500. Enough to have a significant impact on your mortgage amount.

Activités hivernales en famille

Une famille profitants des activités hivernales
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Alison Slattery
More family outings

Less money and time spent on transportation also means more opportunities for outings with family and friends. And guess what? The city is teeming with multiple opportunities for fun, many of which are free. Think of the Maisons de la culture, libraries, skating rinks, swimming pools, etc. 

Less lawn-mowing

It’s true that city yards are smaller than those in the suburbs. But the grass in your neighbourhood park and the major urban parks is just as green and welcoming. In addition, you can socialize there. You have something better to do on weekends than cut the grass and fight the weeds… 

More places for good shopping

In the city, you’re never far from a grocery or fruit store. You’ll no longer need to plan a week’s worth of meals. You can decide what to make for supper as you leave work and stop on the way to shop before getting home. Spontaneity in meals—you’ll like to eat those words!

Jean-Talon Market

Une foule au marché Jean-Talon
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Francis Lachaine

Get closer to your children

Living in a city with children, provides the pleasure of walking with them, taking them to the park, helping them explore and find their way around their neighbourhood. And when they are adolescents, no need to negotiate who is going to have the keys to the car, or chauffeuring them all over the place. They can go where they want, and choose the transportation mode that best suits them. Long live autonomy!

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Published on November 2018