Angrignon: A place to live between the city and nature.

Le Quartier Angrignon est un secret bien gardé à Montréal. Au terminus de la ligne verte du métro de Montréal, à quelques minutes du centre-ville, il y a un parc immense, une offre commerciale impressionnante et un vaste choix d’habitations pour tous les budgets.
ensemble d'appartements à Angrignon.

Just a few years ago, the area around Angrignon Mall was a mosaic of abandoned industrial sites, evidence of the area’s industrial past. Today, however, it’s a thriving neighbourhood with a mix of residential properties—from studio apartments to affordable seniors’ residences. Some properties are even eligible for municipal housing assistance. You’re sure to find something appealing in Angrignon !

A neighbourhood, a metro station

As the primary access point to LaSalle, Angrignon is a breath of fresh air inspired by a concept in urban planning known as transit oriented development (TOD). In recent decades, cities in North America have embraced TOD and centred residential developments around a subway or commuter train station to promote public transit and the quality of life it offers.

Inspired by the TOD concept, the Montreal’s official municipal development plan aims to ensure that 40 percent of new homes are close to a metro or commuter train station. Angrignon’s recent development reflects this policy.

The densification near Angrignon metro station caters to young professionals who want to live close to downtown, to families who want a complete living environment and to retirees seeking peace and quiet, and easy access to services.

Faithful long-time residents

Jacques Carbonneau has lived in LaSalle for 75 years and has witnessed the borough’s evolution. He and his wife have called a condo home for the past eight years—the latest of many places the couple has lived over the years, always near Angrignon Park.

“We’ve bought, renovated and sold several times,” explains Jacques Carbonneau. “We’re still on the move but these days it’s mostly to shop, visit our children, go downtown, or to head out into the countryside.” With the metro station and Highway 20 both nearby, all of these destinations can be reached easily.

A real estate boom

Angrignon is changing, in part due to a number of recently completed and ongoing real estate developments. Travel around the neighbourhood and you’ll see cranes and construction projects, along with many newcomers. There are plans for even more development, including a park and several public facilities. More than 1,200 housing units have been completed since 2009. In total, 2,800 units eventually will be built adjacent to Angrignon Mall.

Angrignon's habitation near a pond

Angrignon's habitation near a pond with gooses around and a crane in the background and
Source : 
Alexandre Campeau-Vallée

The famous shopping centre is an important attraction for residents. “We can shop nearby and access all of the major stores and brands,” explains Jacques Carbonneau. “We take advantage of special sales and discounts and save quite a bit of money. We can get nearly everything we need at Angrignon Mall.”

The metro station and the great variety of local services are two of Angrignon’s greatest attractions. Many homeowners also appreciate the quality of construction, the exceptional views that many condos provide of Mount Royal or the St. Lawrence River, and the proximity to Angrignon Park.

Angrignon Park: the “green lung” of Montreal West

Angrignon Park

Angrignon Park with people walking, having a picnic and chilling in a hamak
Source : 
Alexandre Campeau-Vallée

Immediately adjacent to the Metro, Angrignon Park features more than 25,000 trees—more than any other Montreal park not called Mount Royal. There are also many hidden treasures, such as three ponds, a vast lake, many species of birds and an almost-infinite number of ideal picnic spots.

Athletes appreciate the network of recreational paths; the park offers 10 km of trails, 1.6 km illuminated at night and 2 km dedicated to cycling and rollerblading. In winter there are 10 km of cross-country trails and an ice rink.

Jacques Carbonneau’s daughter Céline walks her dog through the Park every evening, after working long days in the boutique she opened downtown. “I love my condo, my dog and my neighbourhood,” concludes the young LaSalle-born-and-raised entrepreneur.


Borough of LaSalle

  • An urban neighbourhood, close to all services
  • An exceptional commercial offering
  • Close to the metro and the magnificent Angrignon Park
  • A quality residential development focused on public transit and active lifestyles
  • LaSalle’s quality of life 15 minutes from downtown
  • Many residential developments offering a wide selection of homes and properties
  • A new neighbourhood to discover
  • 13 kilometres from Montreal-Trudeau airport
  • 10 kilometres from downtown Montreal