Buying or renting in Montréal: that is the question

Living in Montréal is an advantage in terms of transportation, local services, and quality of life. But which is better: buying or renting in Montréal?
Nouveau triplex dans le Vieux-Rosemont.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, Montréal’s housing market is vast and varied.

Buying or renting in Montréal? That’s the question that people who want to live in the city must answer. Naturally, most of us will rent before we buy—but that choice can be a strategic one. By renting rather than buying a place to live, you give yourself time to discover the many facets of your neighbourhood and decide whether you want to make it home over the longer term.

Whether you opt for buying or renting, you should keep in mind that plexes, single-family homes, and condos are plentiful in Montréal. With its variety of housing types and neighbourhoods that are perfect for singles, couples, and families, Montréal can satisfy all tastes and budgets.

But with so much choice, how can you make the right decision when buying a home in Montréal? It’s really a matter of asking the right questions before you take the plunge. These questions, which will help you make an informed decision, can be found on the following page of the site: How to choose the property that fits my needs?