Everything I Love About Faubourg Contrecoeur

Seven years ago, the decision by the Société d’habitation et de développement de Montréal (SHDM) to start a residential development on a former industrial site seemed a gamble. Today, Faubourg Contrecoeur is a thriving community, thanks in part to Accès Condos, the program that facilitates the purchase of eligible co-ownership units. Contrecoeur offers a wide choice of spacious, well-designed homes popular with families.
Famille sur l'herbe jouant avec deux enfants au Faubourg Contrecoeur

1 800 ménages dont de nombreuses familles, ont déjà élu domicile au Faubourg Contrecœur, un quartier montréalais situé à trois kilomètres de la station de métro Honoré-Beaugrand. C’est toute une communauté dynamique qui s’y est développé en peu de temps.

Three kilometres from Métro station Honoré-Beaugrand, dynamic and fast growing Faubourg Contrecoeur is home to some 1,800 households, including many families.

A generous housing offer for families

Élizabeth Murphy-Lavallée and her partner were already familiar with Accès Condos, having acquired a loft in the Biscuiterie Viau (a former cookie factory) a few years earlier. The birth of daughter Raphaëlle inspired them to look for something bigger.

“We couldn’t afford the kind of house we wanted in the neighbourhoods we were familiar with, like Mile-End and the Plateau,” says Élizabeth. “We were discouraged and began looking as far as Boucherville before we heard about the new SHDM project in Mercier-East.”

At the time, the Faubourg Contrecoeur development was just getting started. But that didn’t stop the couple from buying a townhouse. “It was large and the floor plan was perfect,” the mother of two recalls. “The children would each have their own room, our bedroom would be on the mezzanine level and the living space on the ground floor was a good size.”

The development now covers the former quarry in Mercier-East and includes Accès Condos-accredited urban houses, duplexes, townhouses, detached homes and three-bedroom condos. Buyers can take advantage of both Accès Condos and the City of Montréal’s Acquisition d’une propriété programs.

Dicover the map of residential project and nearby services

A thriving neighbourhood

“We fell in love with the house,” says Élizabeth, “but today we like the neighbourhood even more than the house.” The family enjoys the community’s small town quality of life: children play together in the front yard, neighbours help each another with projects and the park located across the street features a soccer field, play structures, a splash pad and more.

The next phases of the development—including co-operative housing, a senior’s residence and two more Accès Condos buildings—add to the neighbourhood’s appeal. At least one-quarter of the units in the Accès Condos development will feature three or more bedrooms, and many will be on two levels.

“The neighbourhood’s diversity lends it a certain vitality and richness,” says Louis Bélanger, the SHDM architect in charge of the project. “Our goal from the start was to revitalize the neighbourhood while facilitating access to property ownership with the Accès Condos financing tool. To earn accreditation, projects must meet specific standards. As a result, Accès Condos projects are known for modern, attractive designs, strong links between public and private spaces, and handsome, welcoming landscapes.


Services for today and tomorrow

The next phase will also include stores and businesses catering to the needs of residents. The Faubourg Contrecoeur is no enclave though; it’s only a short walk to businesses in nearby neighbourhoods and Highways 25 and 40 take you to larger shopping centres.

“We’re definitely not slaves to our vehicles,” says Élizabeth, whose family owns only one car, like many of her neighbours. “The express bus to the Métro stops nearby and I sometimes ride my bike to work in the summer.”

To remember...

Borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve 

Variety of properties: single-family homes, duplexes, townhouses, condos

Easy access to Highways 40 and 25

Many schools (one is planned for the neighbourhood) and eight public daycare centres

A 3.5-hectare park and parks Thomas-Chapais and Roger-Rousseau are nearby.