Programmes d'aide financière
A boost that will give you a head start

Financial assistance programs


Have you found a home you like, but are still hesitant to buy? Are you concerned about buyer’s fees or unexpected renovation costs?

Petite famille montréalaise

Moving to Montréal

Home Purchase Assistance Program

Would you like to buy a house, plex or condo in Montréal? Did you know that the city offers subsidies ranging from $5,000 to $15,000? This financial assistance program, which is specially adapted to families, is available now.

Rénover sa propriété

Renovating your home in Montréal

Assistance for your renovations

What if you finally find the home of your dreams but the kitchen and bathrooms need a bit of renovation? Seduced by an adorable duplex on a charming street whose plumbing and electricity have seen better days? Find out about our residential renovation programs. Whether it's to replace indoor or outdoor components or to bring the building up to Code, the city is ready to offer a helping hand.

Solidifier les fondations d'une propriété

Stabilization of building foundations

Assistance for your foundations

Buying a property with foundations that need major work brings a lot of unknowns. One thing is certain, however: the municipal administration offers  homeowners financial support of as much as $19,500 to stabilize their foundations, anywhere within the city limits.