My First House in Tétreaultville

Nestled between the St. Lawrence and Sherbrooke Street, just east of Highway 25, Tétreaultville attracts families looking for an affordable house with a yard. The average price of a single-family home is about $330,000—some $70,000 less than elsewhere on the Island of Montréal.
Deux enfants marche dans une rue de Tétreauville.

Families drawn by the price happily talk about their new lives in the neighbourhood of Mercier-East.

“We wanted a house with three bedrooms, a small yard, driveway, on a quiet street on the island," says Ariane Mailloux, the mother of two young boys. “We were living in Park Extension but couldn’t find the sort of home we were looking for in in our price range, so we expanded our criteria.”

Audrey Méthot, mother of five-year old Samuelle and seven-year old Eliott, faced the same challenge. “We were renting near Molson Park in Rosemont and we wanted to own,” she says. “So we moved a little east to find a house within our budget.” Their small 1950s bungalow has benefitted from the family’s loving care the last three years—including a renovation from top to bottom.

Bungalow à Tétreauville

Bungalow à Tétreauville.
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Photo: Alexandre Campeau-Vallée

“The single-family homes in the neighbourhood are in great shape,” says François Mihos, an urban technician with the borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, “even if they were built 60 years ago.” 

A complete neighbourhood

Tétreaultville has come a long way! Originally a rural village, then one of Montréal’s first suburbs, Tétreaultville today is home to an increasing number of families with small children who don’t want to compromise on space.

“There is a real trend to make the space more beautiful,” says Ariane Mailloux. “We’re seeing a move to ‘green up’ the region and make it even more attractive to families. The wonderful Annie-Pelletier pool is a great example.”

Piscine Annie-Pelletier

Ouverture de la piscine Annie-Pelletier avec un enfant jouant en avant plan.
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Arrondissement Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Nicolas Le Jeune, who moved into the neighbourhood six years ago, says a young family has moved into each one of the houses sold by retirees. In fact, 60 percent of households in Mercier-East have children.

All the shops and services families are looking for are only a short walk away. “A little market, schools, three parks, leisure activities . . .” Audrey Méthot lists them off. Perhaps the only negative is that small businesses have been slow to establish themselves nearby.

Part of the reason is the presence of two large shopping centres, according to François Mihos. “The Galleries d’Anjou and Place Versailles have a great variety of good quality stores,” he says, “and many people still prefer to drive.” The urban expert believes that if newcomers demanded and patronized local stores, Hochelaga Street would be transformed.

Nature and accessibility

Promenade Bellerive, with its direct access to the St. Lawrence River, is a key attraction.

“We can buy ice cream, host picnics and even take the family fishing,” says Audrey Méthot. “The kids love it here.”

Promenade Belle-Rive

Bord de l'eau du parc de la promenade Belle-Rive.
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Grands parcs

Even if many residents love to relax in their yards, they also spend lots of time in the neighbourhood’s many green spaces. “The parks are hives of activity,” summarizes Ariane Mailloux. The laneways are also popular play spaces for children who like to ride their bikes or shoot pucks.

Ready access to Highway 25 and Sherbrooke Street is considered a plus but public transit is also seen as a big benefit. “There’s an express bus to Métro Honoré-Beaugrand, so I’m downtown in 40 minutes,” says Nicolas Le Jeune.

An affordable single-family home in a family-friendly neighbourhood: welcome to Tétreaultville.

To remember...

Borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve 

Homes: single-family, plexes and, recently, condominiums

15 schools, including nine primary and four secondary

More than 25 daycare centres (public and private)

19 parks, including the wooded Thomas-Chapais and Promenade Bellerive

One Métro station and easy access to Highway 25

A library, cultural centre, arena, and an indoor and outdoor pool