New Rosemont: The New Family Friend

The combination of abundant green space, functional transportation links and a variety of housing options makes New Rosemont an increasingly popular neighbourhood, particularly with families. Bordered to the south by the immense green spaces of Montreal Botanical Gardens and the Olympic village, the neighbourhood is served by several public transit routes and is bisected by major roads such as Pie-IX, Rosemont, Viau and Beaubien.
Famille devant sa maison dans le quartier Nouveau Rosemont

Arriving from Mexico with her spouse four years ago, Anne has fallen in love with New Rosemont. “We landed here by accident,” the young French teacher says happily, “and we don’t even want to think about leaving. We originally chose the neighbourhood because it was close to my work. But we quickly discovered that this part of the city has so much more to offer.”

Since arriving in Montreal, Anne and her spouse have welcomed two children and regularly take advantage of the neighbourhood’s many parks.

Another couple, Marie-Jeanne and Fernando, recently bought a home on Viau Street. They feel the same about the neighbourhood as Anne does. “We don’t feel like we’re living in the city,” explains Fernando. “But downtown is really close.”

Marie-Jeanne and Fernando sold their apartment in Outremont and, for the same price, bought a semi-detached home with a yard. “We plan to have kids one day,” says Fernando, “so we needed something a little bigger. This house is ideal for us and we were surprised to get something like this on the Island of Montreal.”

Habitation Nouveau-Rosemont

vue de face de maison du Nouveau-Rosemont
Source : 
Frédérique Ménard-Aubin

New Rosemont has a wide variety of homes, including rowhouses, duplexes, apartments in the famous pyramid-shaped buildings on Sherbrooke Street built for the 1976 Olympics, and detached single-family houses.

A verdant enclave called Cité-Jardin was created in the 1940s, taking inspiration from the late  19th century idea of Garden City. Long-serving Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau lived here. Walk through the neighbourhood and you feel a sense of serenity rarely found in a big city.

“We looked at many neighbourhoods with an agent,” says Fernando. “Our criteria were clear: something spacious and accessible, with a yard and nearby parks, and quiet streets. In New Rosemont, there are lots of children, many parks from small to large to enormous, lots of stores nearby, and the streets are lined with mature trees.”

Parc Maisonneuve

deux cyclistes sur la piste cyclable du parc Maisonneuve
Source : 
Frédérique Ménard-Aubin

Maisonneuve Park is particularly popular: cyclists come in summer and cross-country skiers in winter, while families gather to enjoy nature all year ‘round.

“I often visit the park with my children,” says Anne. “There are four parks really close to here, including one across the street from our building.”

Larger-than-average lot sizes are one reason why the neighbourhood is so green; many homes have front yards.

Fernando talks enthusiastically about the neighbourhood’s parks. “The city is putting in a dog park nearby,” the young veterinarian says. “The timing is perfect, because we plan to adopt a dog. I love that there are lots of small businesses nearby and I’m already a regular at a couple of cafés and an independent grocer. You can really feel the community spirit here.”

The streets are spacious and residents say they don’t feel like they are living in the city. At the same time, though, New Rosemont has all the conveniences that urban dwellers want, especially if, like Anne, they don’t own a vehicle.

“Work, shopping, we can do it all on foot or by public transit,” she says with a smile. “It’s great to have independent shops nearby and we often shop for groceries along Beaubien. We also ride our bikes often—my spouse works in a bike shop. If we need big-box or warehouse stores, we go a little further north to Le Boulevard Mall.

Just about everything is accessible on foot in this neighbourhood. There is also a wealth of public transit options: #18 along Beaubien, #197 along Rosemont, #139 along Pie-IX and #136 along Viau. There are also many bicycle paths, such as the east-west lanes on Saint-Zotique and Rachel, and the north-south lanes on 30th and 31st avenues. Bike paths also run through Maisonneuve Park and along Sherbrooke Street.

New Rosemont continues to attract new residents, especially families looking for lots of green space without moving to the suburbs or having to drive to work.

Maisonneuve Park

Sunset on Maionneuve Park, Rosemont
Source : 
Frédérique Ménard-Aubin


Numerous green spaces, including Maisonneuve, Étienne-Desmarteau and Louisiane parks

Numerous sports facilities, including a municipal golf course, Joseph-Paré pool, and the soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball diamonds of Centre Étienne-Desmarteau

Many medical facilities, including Maisonneuve-Rosemont and Santa-Cabrini hospitals, the Montreal Cardiology Institute and the Marie-Enfant Rehabilitation Centre

Numerous schools

Near the Rosemont College and the Jean-Eudes College