The family-friendly neighbourhood in Montréal: the heart and soul of the city

You’d like to raise your children in a place where they can thrive. Did you know that Montréal abounds in attractive neighbourhoods that are perfect for family life?
Lahaie park on St-Laurent street.

Each family-friendly neighbourhood in Montréal—and there are plenty—is like a village in the middle of a larger urban setting. What’s good about that? Well, it’s an environment built on a human scale that includes many places where people can gather and share views and contribute to neighbourhood life. In turn, this builds a sense of belonging among residents that makes the neighbourhood a safe place. Is there a better place to raise kids?

Each family-friendly neighbourhood in Montréal provides an abundance of local services and resources. As a result, children grow up with ready access (walking or biking) to what is really best for them. Parks, daycares, schools, grocery stores, libraries, and cultural, sports, and community centres are easy to get to and enjoy.

Each family-friendly neighbourhood in Montréal is a pleasant haven in an urban setting where liveliness and diversity are defining features. 

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